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VILKART aims to empower the farmers community in India by providing them assistance in technology. We are building software leveraged solutions that help farmers in the rural areas to make better informed decisions on raising their produce (livestock and crops) and trading them in the markets.

One of the key problems that VILKART is trying to solve is friction of trade due to the language distribution in India. Our solutions are multilingual and easy to use for our farmers.

We are trying to support our farmer community by working close with veterinarians in providing them with the latest and accurate information about the livestock through news and articles through our apps.

Empowering Livestock Trading Section

PashuKart is an initiative by VILKART which enables farmers to buy and sell at better profits than what yields from a traditional market. The app also empowers the farmers by providing them information on how to raise their livestock breeds, how to prevent diseases and how to identify and find breeds with certain characteristics.

PashuKart App
  • Buy or sell online
  • Best livestock at fair price
  • Learn about livestock and get latest information from experts
  • Video Call and See livestock to verify
  • Hassle-free transport facility available
  • Aadhaar verified users to eliminate fraud
  • Sell your animal with one-click

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PashuKart is available in multiple languages such as English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.

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